Advantages lawyer speaks Swedish and English in Spain

If you are looking for lawyers in Marbella, the best thing is that you opt for a Spanish attorney who speaks with you in your own language (English, Swedish, Russian, French, etc.). It is just what you need to make the most of the possibilities that Spanish law offers you!

Marbella: the Spanish paradise for foreign residents

Marbella registered in 2020 a total population of 147,633 inhabitants, of wich 24.78% are of foreign origin (36,585 people). Among the more than 137 nationalities that coexist in this Malaga municipality, citizens from the United Kingdom (14,563) and Sweden (896) stand out.

Far from being a mere holiday destination for European citizens, more and more people want to settle permanently in Marbella. The advantageous options for entrepreneurship, the pleasant local lifestyle and the possibility of finding the services you need in your own language are the main reasons for it. Furthermore, circumstances such as Brexit have increased even more this trend.

Spanish paradise for foreign residents

3 advantages of having lawyers in Marbella who speak your language

A Spanish attorney who communicates with you in English or Swedish offers you a closer treatment so that you can express your legal doubts with total confidence. In fact, they are professionals who not only know the language but also the foreign legal institutions, so they will know how to handle your case more efficiently.

Save time and money by not needing the intervention of interpreters to translate documents and appearances. Thus, a multilingual Spanish attorney is perfect for legal proceedings involving several countries.

The fact that your lawyers in Marbella express themselves in your mother tongue allows the resolution of your legal matters to be much more transparent. Not surprisingly, it is the best way to know at all times what is happening.

At Golden Mile we are a legal firm made up of lawyers in Marbella who can communicate with you in your own language (Spanish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and French).

Our team is specialized in the matters that interest you most as a foreigner in Spain (taxes, properties, inheritances, residence permits, companies, work, etc.). Why not contact us today?

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