Advantages of having Swedish-speaking lawyers in Spain

Are you one of the many English or Swedish citizens who want to live on the Costa del Sol? The tourist attractions and the excellent standard of living are great incentives to lead a carefree existence. However, when the time comes to face legal issues it is convenient to have a lawyer in Marbella with whom you can speak in your mother tongue.

Swedish-speaking lawyers in Spain

Do you need a Swedish lawyer in Spain? Are you looking for an English lawyer in Marbella?

Our law firm in Marbella was born to satisfy an evident need that affects a large part of the population from Marbella:

  • Of the almost 150,000 Marbella residents registered with the City Council, around 37,500 are foreigners and, within this group, citizens of British origin (18,750) and Swedish (896) occupy a featured portion.
  • This numerous foreign community resides in Marbella on a permanent basis, so they have to face all kinds of legal issues on a daily basis. Whether to build a houseopen a business or pay a tax, they must deal with Spanish Law and bureaucracy.

GM Lawyers: the law firm tailored to your needs

As experienced jurists, at GM Lawyers we understand that dealing with Spanish regulations is overwhelming for foreign citizens. The bureaucracy and the judicial system in Spain are very complex and can be intimidating for those who are not fluent in the Spanish language.

Having the services of an English lawyer or a Swedish lawyer in Marbella is a really expensive option. Likewise, foreign jurists do not know Spanish law in depth.

The smartest option to solve all your legal issues in Spain is to contact a lawyer in Marbella who is fluent in languages ​​such as English or Swedish. Such is the case of GM Lawyers: an specialized Marbella law firm that knows Spanish Law as well as your mother tongue. Why don’t you contact us today?

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