Blue Card Spain

The spanish blue card is a temporary residence permit for highly qualified workers (scientists, doctors, engineers). Its validity period is 1 year

In front of the ordinary residence permit to work, the blue card gives the possibility of moving freely through all the countries of the European Union and the simultaneous family reunification.

Who can apply for the blue card?

Citizens of a non-EU country.

Have the consideration of highly qualified professional: those who have completed a Higher Education Graduate with a minimum duration of 3 years. Exceptionally, also those who have relevant work experience (3 or 5 years depending on the case).

Carry out work activities in Europe for which such special qualification is necessary. That is, professions that require a high degree of training and advanced research programs.

In any case, the vacancy offered must be on the list of difficult coverage: the one that cannot be filled by any Spanish worker.

Stay in Spain

What are the blue card requirements?

  • Be in possession of a valid contract or a firm offer of employment with a duration of at least one year. The salary must be 1.5 times higher than the Spanish interprofessional minimum wage (33.908 €).
  • Be in the territory legally.
  • Lack of a criminal record.
  • Documentation proving that you have the necessary professional qualification.
  • Valid travel title and, if necessary, visa.
  • Proof of private health insurance.

The procedure for granting the blue card in Spain is initiated by the employer, who must provide the necessary documentation. The next step will be taken by the worker, requesting the residence permit in their country of origin to obtain finally the TIE once in Spain.

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