Citizenship by descent in Spain

Many Spanish descendants may wonder if they can get their Spanish citizenship from their grandparents, great-grandparents, and parents. The Internet has different information, sometimes fake, about residency by descent, last names, and other relationships that may lead to consider obtaining citizenship. Below we will clarify some of the aspects related to citizenship by descent.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain states that the following people can acquire their citizenship by descendent:

Requirements for descendants

The requirements for descendants of grandparents vary. If the applicant is 20 years old or older and a grandson, great-grandson, great-great-grandson or has any relationship by blood, the applicant may not obtain the nationality, even if his/her father/mother had acquired it after their birth. The Law for grandchildren or great-grandchildren (in Spanish Ley de Nietos o bisnietos or Ley de Memoria Democrática) to grant the nationality of grandchildren born off the Spanish territory is not in force, so applicants should get the legal information that will state if they can apply to the Spanish nationality by blood.

After acquiring the citizenship, there are specific requirements applicants should comply with to keep their citizenship such as declaring before the Civil Registry their willingness to retain their nationality (in case they acquire another that may lead them to lose their Spanish nationality) or living in the country for a determined period. Other conditions may lead them to lose their right of holding Spanish nationality.

The Spanish government is constantly updating the policies on citizenships and residencies. All requirements vary depending on the case. It is always advisable that interested applicants look for attorneys and legal advisors with sufficient knowledge on the updated policies before applying to any residency or citizenship option. 

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Spanish citizenship
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