Corporate real estate law

Corporate real estate law plays a very important role within the business world. After all, immovables constitute the greatest asset of the business heritage. Is your company optimizing this resource effectively?

What is the Corporate Real Estate Law

Do you need mortgage financing to acquire the headquarters of your business? Do you want to take full advantage of tax deductions that Spanish law offers to companies like yours? Are you thinking of requesting a municipal license to expand your store or office? Be that as it may, business real estate law has the solution to your problems.

We call “Corporate Real Estate Law” to the heterogeneous set of norms applicable to the immovables used by a company to develop its economic activity. Certainly, said properties constitute the greatest spending that a company must do, which entails considerable risks for their subsistence.

Corporate real estate law

Of course, this concept goes far beyond corporate real estate property in a strict sense. In fact, a company may be related to immovables in multiple ways. Thus, this legal discipline covers all kinds of juridical services related to rented or purchased properties (insurance, financing, purchase, etc.). 

This is how it affects in Corporate Real Estate Law to your company

Businesses need corporate immovables law for any real estate operation, whether at national or international level. Some of the main issues attended by this legal discipline are the following: 

  1. Buy and sell not only of properties but also of real estate investments. 
  2. Fiscal regime of real estate transactions. 
  3. Adoption of agreements to constitute certain legal figures (horizontal property, serfhood, barter…). 
  4. Advice and resolution of legal problems in matters of contracts related to real estate property (construction, administration of buildings, provision of services by real estate agencies …). 
  5. Turnkey solutions for companies using the Due-diligence system. 
  6. Registration of real estate in the property log. 
  7. Drafting and supervision of the contract by which a property is acquired or transmitted (purchase, leasing, donation, etc.). 
  8. Representation before notaries, public powers and courts (of justice or arbitrales). 
  9.  Acting as a plaintiff or defendant in lawsuits related to real estate. 

Do you really need the advice of an expert in Corporate Real Estate Property?

In view of the immense scope that corporate real estate law has, the importance of counting on the services of a specialist in these issues is evident. Not in vain, its advisory and representation skills are capable of enhancing profitability and reducing the costs associated with this type of goods. 

The Spanish norms that regulate Corporate Real Estate Property are enormously complex. You can be sure that all those who relate to your company (customers, suppliers, public powers …) will require detailed knowledge of the law applicable to immovables in Spain. It depends on you fulfilling its high expectations by hiring an expert in these matters! 

A lawyer specialized in Corporate Real Estate Property can make a difference between winning or losing a trial or arbitration procedure related to the same. Certainly, his intervention is essential to prevent litigation, act in it and execute its resolutions. 

Imagine for a moment the tranquility that involves hiring the services of an expert in business real estate law. His services are the best guarantee that nothing will disturb the good running of your company. In addition, his advice will allow you to save large sums of money in tax payment in a totally legal way thanks to the deductions and bonuses offered by the Spanish Tax Law. 

Definitely, obtaining professional advice on corporate real estate law is vital to amortize to the max what your company has invested in immovables. Don’t you think it’s time to turn your business’s greatest spending into its main source of wealth?