How to become a Spanish citizen?

Are you a foreigner who still doesn’t know how to become a Spanish citizen? There are many ways to achieve this, although its procedures are complicated. Thus, the best way to achieve Spanish citizenship is to hire a lawyer in Marbella who will communicate with you in your own language.

How to become a Spanish citizen?

Although there are different ways of acquiring Spanish nationality (letter of nature, possession of status, option…), the most frequent are birth and residence.

Residence in Spain must be legal, uninterrupted and immediately prior to the application. Its duration must be 10 years, although there are exceptional cases, in which this period is shortened (eg: 5 years for refugees).

To legally reside in Spain it is necessary to be in possession of a residence permit. Some of the most important visas are:


Non lucrative visa
Granted to those who do not carry out economic activity in Spain.

Golden Visa
Golden VISA Intended for people who invest in real estate located in Spanish territory.

Student visa
enables you to study in Spain.

Work permit
authorizes to work legally in Spain.

To formulate the application, the following documents must be provided to the DGRN: TIE, passport and various certificates from the country of origin (criminal record, birth and marriage).

As you can see, the process to become a Spanish citizen is enormously intricate, even more so if you intend to carry it out on your own. Ignorance of Spanish Law and language barriers can make the acquisition of nationality a nuisance.

All you need to obtain a premium processing of this and other procedures is to hire the services of a polyglot Spanish solicitor. Thus, an attorney who speaks fluent English or a Swedish lawyer in Marbella are your best option to carry out this procedure in an agile and satisfactory way. Contact to GM Lawyers now for more information.

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