Power of attorney in Spain

Do you know the benefits of granting a power of attorney in Spain to process your legal matters? This document authorizes a third party (eg, a Spanish lawyer) to act on your behalf strictly following your instructions. Consequently, it will manage your legal affairs effectively without the need for you to come to our country.

A general power of lawyer authorizes your Spanish attorney to carry out various tasks (eg: comprehensive management of bank accounts). The special powers, on the other hand, limit their powers to a single matter (eg: a special power to sell a certain property).

To grant a power of attorney, you just have to make an appointment at the Notary’s Office and explain to the secretary what you intend to achieve with him (eg: a power of attorney to sell a property). In addition, you must provide your personal information and that of your lawyer. 

It is valid as long as it passes a judgment of sufficiency of power that confirms the equivalence of this foreign document with the Spanish public document and its authenticity by means of an apostille.

As a general rule, powers of attorney do not usually have an expiration date, unless the grantor has indicated this to the notary public. In this case, the authorization would cease to have effect once the day indicated in the document has arrived.

For this, the authorizer will have to grant a deed of revocation of the power of attorney. This document is made before a notary (it does not necessarily have to be the same one before which the power of attorney was granted). It can be done at any time and the proxy will be notified immediately.

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