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Hereditary law in marbella

The right hereditary or successions is the right that regulates the inheritance and determines the destiny of the goods and rights of a person after his death. The will of the deceased will be taken into account whether or not he has a will. In Golden Mile attorney in Marbella, we are expert in spanish law like hereditary law.

If there is a will, the will of the deceased will be followed, which can freely give their goods to the people they want. Although there are limitations, since it recognizes the right to inherit a part of the assets of the deceased to certain family members. This portion of the inheritance is called Legitimate.

If there is no will, the succession will occur in the usual order, descendants, ascendants, spouse, collateral and as last the State.


In such a globalized society it is very common for people of different nationalities to live together in the same territory. This situation is so common in the Costa del Sol and in Marbella that has allowed the law firm in Marbella GM Lawyers to specialize in management and processing of international inheritances. For this we have a professional group of lawyers with highly qualified heritages in international matters.

There is an international inheritance when a person dies leaving a patrimony with goods located in different countries. And at this point the partition can become very difficult.

Our lawyers are specialized in inheritance and will carry out advice on wills, inheritance partitioning, executing, inheritance acceptance and adjudication, taxes and fees settlement, etc.


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