Why choose a lawyer in Marbella?

If you are one of the many foreigners residing in Marbella, the best thing you can do to resolve your doubts and legal problems is to have a multilingual Spanish lawyer. An expert in Spanish Law who is able to communicate with you in your own language is the optimal way to make the most of your residence in Spain.

3 Reasons to choose GM Lawyers

The most complete range of legal services

We are experienced jurists in the legal areas of Spanish Law that are of most interest to foreigners living in Marbella. Consequently, you can obtain comprehensive legal assistance (advice, defense or representation) for all your day-to-day legal matters (taxesGolden Visainheritances, real estatebureaucratic procedurescompanies…).

Legal solutions in your own language

Imagine the tranquility of expressing your doubts and legal needs to expert jurists who communicate with you in your same language (English, Swedish, French and Spanish). It is not necessary to have an interpreter or go to a lawyer from your country of origin who, possibly, does not know the ins and outs of Spanish law as well as we do.

A professional team that is fully committed to you

At GM Lawyers we know that it is not enough to provide experienced and multilingual legal assistance to achieve your maximum satisfaction. For this reason, our team offers you a quality professional service that is fully committed to your goals

In short, if you are looking for a lawyer in Marbella who is an expert in Spanish Law and who communicates with you in your own language, take advantage of the opportunity that Lawyers offers you. Our professionals will put the laws and bureaucracy of Spain at your service in the fastest and most comfortable way possible. What are you waiting to contact us today?

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