International Lawyer In Spain​

International Lawyer In Spain

If you need an international lawyer in Marbella, here we will provide each one of the services they can offer you. They will put at your disposal the ways to solve any doubt or legal problem that affects you.

Marbella is a Spanish city of great tourist impact so it is continuously visited by people of different nationalities. This means that we have a wide and experienced team of international lawyers in Spain who will offer you services such as:

Services About International Heritage

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It is also known as tax law that gives administrations the power to manage and collect taxes. If you have to pay any fee, you doubt what taxes you must bear … our lawyers will provide the solution.

Our lawyers will help you obtain this important visa, as long as you meet the requirements, and thus benefit from the great advantages it offers.

Corporate Law is a multi-discipline. Therefore, our lawyers have a perfect command of Civil and Commercial Law (contracts, responsibilities, debts …), regulation of industrial and intellectual property, Administrative, Financial and Tax Law and Procedural Law and regulation of the Arbitration Courts.

They can offer you all the legal advice and solutions related to your real estate.

Having expert advice in this field is very important when you are facing an inheritance situation, both as a beneficiary and if you transfer your assets.

Administrative Law is in charge of maintaining public order and legal security and providing the population with various tasks (economic, educational, welfare …). We also have a specialized team in this area.

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