Register A Britain Company In Spain​

Register A Britain Company In Spain

More and more British companies want to operate in Spain. If this is your case, we tell you all the procedures that you must overcome (such as obtaining the CIF number in Spain) to achieve it, as well as the importance of having a company attorney to carry it out successfully.

Why do you need a corporate solicitor to register your company in Spain?

Any activity that a British company intends to do in Spanish territory (or with Spanish companies or citizens) will need to have an adequate registry according to the law of our country.

Just as an example here are some activities that your company could not do without being properly registered in Spain:

  • Obtain the CIF number in Spain, VAT, and European EORI number
  • Employ Spanish workers.
  • Invest in real estate located in Spain.
  • Operate easily with Spanish banks.
  • Import goods to Spain.
  • Buy shares of Spanish companies. 

This is all that a corporate solicitor can do for your company

How to register in Spain?

The process is complicated since the requirements vary according to the corporate form that is intended to be adopted.

These are the generic requirements:

  • Obtain the NIE (tax identification number for foreigners).
  • Register the name of the company in the Commercial Registry.
  • Obtain the tax identification number of companies (former CIF, today called NIF).
  • Open a commercial bank account.
  • Sign the deed of incorporation.
  • Register the company in Social Security.

The documents requested are usually the following:

  • Board Resolution
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate of good standing of the Chamber of Companies
  • Power of attorney signed by the designated director

The importance of having a good company attorney

In order to complete all the procedures correctly and that the British companies can operate in Spain without problems, it is highly recommended to have the advice of a polyglot corporate solicitor. GM Abogados is the expert buffet of company attorneys that your business needs. Our law firm will assist you throughout the registration process, to facilitate your rapid access to the Spanish market to the fullest.

The full range of services offered by our lawyers in Marbella is all you need to operate in Spain: real estate, taxes, how to get a cif number in Spain… all in your own language and with the peace of mind that works with the best professionals. Contact us to know everything we can do for your company.

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