What Is TIE Card Spain?

TIE Card Spain

The TIE card in Spain is a document that identifies foreigners who reside legally and permanently in the national territory. In this post we show you how to obtain it and what are its advantages.

How to get the Spanish TIE?

If you are a foreigner and you have the right to have the TIE card, you must request it by downloading the official form (EX 17) and presenting it duly completed at the Immigration Office or at the police station of the province where you reside.

The documents that you must attach to the TIE´s form form vary depending on the cause of the request (initial, renewal, modification or duplicate), but in any case you must provide:

  • Original and copy of valid passport, travel document or valid registration card.
  • Three recent photos in color and passport size.
  • Payment of the corresponding fee (varies according to the cause of the request).

What are the benefits of obtaining the TIE card in Spain?

Many people confuse the NIE number of Spain and the TIE. The TIE is a physical card (such as the DNI) that includes the NIE. The NIE, on the other hand, is an identification number, whose possession does not in itself imply the right to have the TIE.

By including the NIE, the TIE card not only allows you to legally reside in Spain permanently, but also includes the rights associated with the possession of the NIE (work, create a company, open a bank account, perform real estate transactions…)

What is the best way to get the TIE card in Spain?

One of the administrative procedures that causes more headaches to foreigners who wish to reside in Spain is precisely the obtaining of the TIE, since there are so many different TIE cards as types of residence permits can be obtained (student visa, rooting, work…).

Given the large influx of foreign population living in Spain in recent times (which makes bureaucrats feel overwhelmed), it is necessary to have the advice of a spanish law firm that has expert administrative lawyers, so having professional advice is the best way to avoid mistakes and frustrations .

If you want to obtain the TIE, you need the experience of a lawyers in Marbella as GM Lawyers: a polyglot legal firm that provides you the professional advice in order to get the TIE card in Spain in the fastest and easiest way.

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