Living In Spain Guide For Brits​

Living In Spain (Guide For Brits)

Spanish inheritance tax is a tribute that taxes assets acquired as a result of an inheritance. Discover how it affects you if you live in Marbella.

A manual for living in spain after brexit

The consulate’s guide contains succinct information with the most important points that can affect brits living in Spain after brexit: health, pensions, taxes, work, passports, voting …

One of the most important parts of the manual is what to do to continue receiving legally in Spain after brexit and what procedures to follow according to the different variables of brexit could happen.

Is this guide enough?

There are many aspects in which Brexit affects the brits living in Spain. A guide can’t solve your problems arising from brexit: to successfully resolve it you should find a lawyer.

The consulate’s guide for living in Spain after brexit is for informational purposes only, so that only you are responsible for making the right arrangements… and Spanish law is extremely complex in matters as frequents as real estate investing, inheritance or real estate purchase agreement.

Brits residents in Marbella

What can the brits residents in Marbella to safeguard their interests against the arrival of Brexit? To solve problems that brexit poses you must have the help from professional lawyers in Marbella Spain.

Have the legal assistance of lawyers in Marbella is the better solution to make the brexit as light as possible for your interests in Spain. A legal firm is also the best way to get advice on how to move to Spain.

Our firm in Marbella (Málaga) specializes in real estate property law, tax lawgolden visa … our legal advice will be a great help for you to live in Spain after brexit.

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