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Our objective is to take care of your investment in Spain by advising you before, during and after the execution of the proposed investment, so that your interests are protected at all times, avoiding unnecessary risks and complying with current legislation. We offer professional legal services.

Lawyer/Solicitor Services

Legal Service Law Firm Marbella

In Golden Mile Law Firm in Marbella, we will represent you throughout the process and negotiations necessary for the proposed investment, as well as all the implications that it may have, both from a legal and fiscal point of view.

To guarantee your tranquillity, we will take charge of preparing any type of contract or document that is necessary for the good end of the process, as well as to maintain a fluid contact with the different Registries and Public Administrations that are relevant in the process.

We are also experts in tax planning and family protocols legal services in Marbella, so we can advise on the preparation of wills, tax efficiency in investment, a possible succession procedure and its implications for the investor and his family.

GM Lawyers, Attorney in Marbella

Solicitor in Marbella

Attorney telephone: + 34 952 826 973

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lawyer service in Marbella
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