Starting A Business In Spain As A Foreigner

Starting a business in Spain as a foreigner

If you are thinking of starting a business in Spain as a foreigner, you are in the right place. In the following article we are going to talk about the requirements that are necessary to start a commercial activity as a freelance or create a limited liability company in Spain. Furthermore, you can always contact our lawyers in Marbella for more detailed information.

The first thing we must clarify is that if you already have a long-term residence permit, you are a community member or you already have Spanish nationality, you will have the same rights and duties as Spaniards to work for someone else, to exercise as a self-employed worker registering your General Regime of Social Security or to create a company or limited liability company or corporation.

It is different if the permission you have is someone else’s or your own. The first will give you the right to work for someone else, but you cannot register in the General Social Security Regime as a self-employed person, but you can set up a company and appoint a Spanish resident as administrator. The second permission if it empowers you to register as a freelance.

Limited Liability

In any case, you can always create a limited liability company regardless of your state and leave it inactive until you manage to regulate your situation and obtain any of the permits mentioned above that enable you to start a business in Spain

This last point is extremely important since it allows you to travel to Spain to be able to probe the possible markets of your interest, see places where you will carry out your future activity and take advantage of the business opportunities that our country offers in the same way that you will provide to our economy.

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