Tax Id Numbers In Spain

Tax Id Numbers In Spain

CIF, NIF, VAT, NIE… The large number of tax identification numbers in Spain can be really overwhelming for foreign citizens. Thus, it is necessary to have the professional advice of lawyers in Marbella who resolve all your doubts in your own language.

These are some of the most important tax identification numbers in Spain but, of course, they are not the only ones. Foreigners in our country also have to deal with the TIE card, the CCC number or the Social Security number.

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5 tax identification numbers in Spain

that you should know

NIE Number. It is your identification number as a foreigner (community or extra-community) in Spain. Thanks to it, the main procedures in our country can be carried out (pay taxes, create a business, open an account at the bank, etc.). Its format always begins with the letters X, Y or Z.

NIF of Spain for foreigners. It is a special NIF that grants whoever owns it the necessary tax identification to pay taxes to the Spanish Public Treasury. The procedures to obtain it are simpler than those of the NIE number. Its format always begins with the letter M.

DNI: this document is used to identify Spanish citizens. The DNI format consists of 8 numbers followed by a letter. However, those corresponding to those under 14 years of age are preceded by the letter K and those belonging to expatriate Spanish citizens begin with the L.

CIF number: it works as a tax identification for companies. Its format consists of a letter followed by 8 digits.

VAT: it is the tax identification of companies for the sole purpose of processing this tax. It consists of adding the letters ES to your Spanish VAT number.

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