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Why is so convenient to hire a lawyer from Spain?

Spain is a highly desired destination for foreigners, either occasionally or permanently. This phenomenon occurs with greater intensity in tourist towns such as Marbella (Costa del Sol, Andalusia), where neighbors of foreign origin already constitute 23.64% of the total population.

The reasons that attract these inhabitants are varied: good weather, wide real estate offer, exquisite cuisine, attractive leisure offer… But not everything is simplicity and tranquility when we talk about living in Spain: national law can be a great challenge for foreigners who intend to settle in our country, hence the importance of hiring a lawyer in Spain.

A Attorney from Spain dominates Spanish Law

The best way not to be wrong is to do things right from the beginning. Anyone knows that in order to act correctly in the most transcendental legal aspects of life, the most convenient thing is to resort to the help of a lawyer, even before problems arise: it is the secret to avoid dislikes and misunderstandings.

Spanish law is very complex, to the point of being indecipherable for foreign solicitors, who can end up providing poor advice to their clients, as a result of ignorance of the recesses of Spanish law and the huge amount of regulations that that govern the same subject (state, autonomous and municipal).

Your lawyer in Spain, on the other hand, does know the uniqueness of local regulations, so he is able to guide you successfully throughout the process, making the numerous procedures you must follow easier and faster.

Find a solicitor capable of communicating with you in your own language

Did you know that you can hire a lawyer from Marbella-Spain even ignoring the Spanish language? In fact, the best lawyers in Spain (lawyer in spanish), in addition to being experienced solicitors, offer their services in several languages.

Imagine for a moment the confidence and security of being advised about the details of Spanish law in your native language. Everything will seem much easier if you put yourself in the hands of someone who handles laws and languages ​​with equal ease!

A polyglot solicitor will put Spanish Law at your service and will do so in your own language! Such is the case of GM Lawyers: a prestigious Marbella firm, which perfectly dominates several languages (english, french, swedish and spanish).

The importance of having a lawyer in Spain with experience in the main legal branches

In practice, we often encounter cross-cutting issues, that is, those that are simultaneously affected by several legal fields. For example, the same matter may involve aspects of Inheritance LawTax Law and Real Estate Law at the same time.

In such cases, nothing is more frustrating than wasting time going from one professional to another. Therefore, a law firm specialized in the main legal fields guarantees that you will leave your office with the solution to your problem: The same team to solve all the legal questions that arise!

If you need a lawyer in Marbella-Spain specialized in the most important legal fields, the GM Lawyers law firm is the perfect solution for you: our team of solicitors has extensive experience in the legal services most demanded by foreign clients in Spain.

Your lawyer in Spain will help you quickly and effectively solve all the procedures required by the intricate Spanish bureaucracy (residence permits, fines, licensing and permits, town planning, etc.).

The need to carry out the mortis causa succession according to local law if you reside in Spain makes the help of a Spanish lawyer very useful to avoid future problems (Testament, intestate succession, disinheritance, inheritance partition, inheritance tax, executor, etc.) .

The professional advice of a lawyer in Spain who is an expert in commercial laws can greatly facilitate the task of establishing a business in Spanish territory or negotiating with local companies (incorporation of companies, merger, increase or decrease of share capital, shareholder agreements, due diligence, etc.).

Thanks to the expert advice that only a lawyer can offer you in Spain, it will be much easier for you to interact with the local Public Treasury, which will allow you not only to avoid penalties, but also to obtain benefits (tax relief, golden visaadded value, IRPF, VAT , Property Tax, etc.).

property lawyer from Spain is all you need to develop successfully in the Spanish real estate market, either in matters related to your usual home or with real estate investments (real estate purchase agreementsProperty law, mortgages, notary, cadastre, Property Registry, lease, exchange, real estate law, etc.).

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Pay taxes, buy a house, create a business, apply for a building license… all are relevant issues that cannot be taken lightly. That is why it is vital to put yourself in the hands of the best lawyers in Spain to succeed in such matters.

Did you know that your attorney in Spain is in Marbella? The full range of legal services and professional experience offered by our multilingual buffet GM Lawyers is all you need if you are a foreign citizen seeking legal advice in Spain. What are you waiting for to contact us?

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