Beckham Law

Have you heard of Beckham’s law of Spain? This norm can provide you with a highly advantageous tax regime. Read on to find out if you can benefit of it 

What is Beckham's Law of Spain?

The so-called Beckham law is the name by which RD 687/2005 is popularly known in Spain. This rule seeks to attract foreign citizens with a high economic profile who want to develop their professional activity in Spain.

The Beckham law provides a special tax regime thanks to which inpatriates who meet its requirements can save a lot of money on their taxations. This privilege has a limited duration of 6 years and affects various taxes

  • The general regime consists of a progressive rate between 19 and 45% that is applied on the income obtained throughout the world.
  • With Beckham’s law, only a fixed tax rate of 24% is paid, which falls only on the profits obtained in Spain (up to a maximum limit of 600.000 €).

How to apply for the Beckham law?

Who can benefit from the Beckham tax in Spain?

Foreigners who come to work in our country can apply for the David Beckham tax from Spain if they meet the following requirements

Procedures to benefit from Beckham's law in Spain

To pay your taxes in accordance with the Beckham law in Spain, you must request it within a maximum period of 6 months from when you register for Social Security as a worker of the Spanish company. For this, form 149 duly completed and with the corresponding documentation must be delivered to the Spanish Tax Agency.

Taking advantage of the privileged tax regime of the Beckham Law in Spain is much easier with the help of GM Lawyers. We put at your service our polyglot law firm in Marbella to carry out this management successfully.

Beckham's law of Spain
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