What Is Commercial Law?

Commercial Law

Commercial law is the branch of law that regulates the set of rules relating to merchants in the exercise of their profession. Regulates the exercise of trade through commercial companies.

A mercantile company is a company created to exercise a business, industrial or commercial activity, to which the legal system provides rights and obligations.

Company Formation

In the law firm of Marbella GM Lawyers, within the commercial law, we advise our clients in everything related to the constitution, modification, merger and extinction of companies such as corporations, limited liability companies or private civil societies. We also help your registration in the commercial register. Once the company is established, our clients will continue to count on our advice.

Corporate Conflicts

Corporate conflicts are one of the causes for the dissolution of a company. For this reason, from GM Lawyers Marbella, we urge our clients who create a new company to create internal statutes or regulations that foresee different future scenarios and how to solve them.

For this the lawyers of our law firm will be at the disposition of the clients who wish to elaborate them, as well as those who need help for the resolution of conflicts in their company.

Acquisition Of Companies And Fusion

The advice in the acquisition of a company or merger with another is one of the services that we offer from GM Lawyers within the commercial law. The acquisition is the purchase of a company by another, while the merger is the union of two companies that give rise to a bigger company. These two forms are the most used today to gain greater competitiveness in the business world.

The decision to carry out a merger or acquisition is a decision of an economic nature, resources are allocated to obtain future revenues that recover funds invested and achieve a profit. Experts in corporate law in Marbella.

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